Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Refreshed and rejuvenated seasonal environmental graphics at the Bolton Stadium

In preparation for the kick off to the 22/23 campaign, we were proud to be asked to help enhance the fan and player experience when arriving at the BWFC stadium.

Our extensive graphic installations at Bolton Wanderers stadium have proven instrumental in creating a welcoming atmosphere for fans and an impressive arrival experience for all visitors and staff. The stadium’s entrance and reception area now exude a sense of grandeur, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

In close collaboration with the coaching staff, we undertook the task of designing and strategically placing motivational graphics along the players’ journey. These visuals serve as constant reminders of the team’s core mantras, distinctive play style, and tactical approach. From the moment players step into the stadium through the Players’ Entrance, they are enveloped in a visual narrative that continues through the corridors and into the changing rooms. This seamless transition culminates as they are led down the tunnel, instilling a sense of unity, purpose, and motivation.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every graphic element aligns seamlessly with the ethos and aspirations of Bolton Wanderers. The result is a cohesive visual identity that not only enhances the players’ experience but also resonates deeply with the entire Bolton Wanderers community.