Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Revitalising matchday hospitality experiences for Bolton Wanderers FC.

Revamping the matchday experience at Bolton, we completely transformed their hospitality offerings. This involved handling spatial planning, supervising a six-month reconstruction process, and giving a fresh brand identity to all their different spaces.

Tasked with this ambitious project, our team embarked on a comprehensive audit of the existing suites in collaboration with the club’s board.

Our primary goal was to diversify the offerings, drawing in previously unengaged audiences and fans to the stadium for an enhanced matchday experience. This vision necessitated the creation of spatial plans for all suites, accompanied by the procurement of a fresh set of furniture that imbued a contemporary ambiance and provided a range of options.

Additionally, we took charge of project management for the construction and fitout work, ensuring seamless execution. To encapsulate the club’s rich history and evoke a sense of nostalgia, we embarked on a branding journey. This included crafting a vibrant sports bar atmosphere and introducing a new suite dedicated to the legendary player, John McGinlay.

In a nod to the club’s foundational year, the high-level suite was rechristened as ‘1877’, adding a touch of heritage to the revamped spaces. This holistic approach to branding has not only revitalised Bolton Wanderers’ matchday experience but also cemented its legacy for generations to come.