Creating an environment of fun, happiness and wonderful wall graphics from Bolton to Dusseldorf.

We had one mission: to make the staff smile!

Collaborating closely with the People Direction team at, we embarked on a mission to transform their new offices into an unforgettable destination. As the headquarters of the UK’s leading online appliance retailer,, where a commitment to both happiness and exceptional customer service is the driving force, our goal was clear: to instill a sense of joy in every member of the staff. At the 5 storey Parklands location in Bolton, we played a pivotal role in crafting the distinctive atmosphere that defines each floor. Our focus was on instilling the space with a sense of delight, achieved through vibrant design elements and impactful wall graphics. The result is an environment that not only has a sense of playfulness but also an atmosphere of positivity, fostering a workspace where every corner has a sense of their brand spirit of happiness.
This formula and office branding concept were subsequently implemented across numerous sites, including their Manchester offices. The culmination of our efforts took us to Dusseldorf, Germany, where our Design Team spent a week refining and adapting these designs for their German headquarters team.